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We are an expert in agriculture and data analytics industry, bringing a maximum profitability for your land.

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  • Our engine is created by top-notch AI professional and agriculture academician.

  • We will keep you informed about our latest innovation and research that might be beneficial for your business.


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Credit and Risk Scoring Engine

Leverage our Credit Scoring capabilities to build better financial services transforming farmer’s lives.

  • Fighting fraud and minimizing the risk for your agriculture financing

  • Reducing operating cost through AI and automated onboarding process

Robo Advisor

Transform your farming strategy through smart consulting service powered by AI.

  • Find the best plant and farming trick that suitable for your financial goal

  • Minimize the crop failure by preparing the uncertainty ahead.

Satellite Mapping

Leverage your research and decision by analyzing the historical earth surface imagery.

  • Multi-purpose satellite image for your tailored problem or use our built-in plugin (land condition, carbon concentration, and many more)

  • Fuse advanced analytics and build the actionable insight

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Prepare the climate volatility, market price fluctuation, minimize the land and water polution to achieve the optimum profitability.

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